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Organizers Casey Boyter, Dylan Siegler, and Lauren Woodward Stanley (a landscape professional, a sustainable design consultant, and an architect, respectively) met when their independent investigations of green roofs led them each to local roofing consultant and green roof aficionado Brian Gardiner. For years, Brian was Austin's only vocal green roof advocate and de facto information clearinghouse; all green roof seekers eventually found him. The three soon found they shared a desire to help get a meaningful local conversation about the technology, and some real projects, underway. Lauren had spearheaded a green roof effort in her former home of Seattle, and Casey had been hunting down green roof experts and picking their brains nationwide for months. Dylan's 2006 master's thesis for the UT Sustainable Design program laid out some working recommendations for advancing green roofs in the Austin area. With those ideas and experiences as a rough guide, GRoWERS was born.

Who are the members of GRoWERS? From home gardeners to large-scale developers, landscape contractors to commercial roofing consultants, students to city officials, GRoWERS participants are curious about green roofs and interested in making them happen in our region. The group provides an opportunity for individuals to come together and facilitate the growth of a new technology with uniquely Central Texan qualities. We share the assumption that the answer to almost every green roof begins with “it depends,” and recognize that the establishment of best practices for green roofs is complex. GRoWERS was formed in part to catalyze a sharing of existing knowledge between roofers and landscapers, policymakers, green builders, conservationists, and homeowners, by offering a venue for all fields involved to learn from one another.

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