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Please visit for a thorough listing of national and international green roof providers.

Whether to use an existing roofing company's established green roof system or to create one from parts may be the first consideration a green roofer has. Proprietary green roof systems often offer a warranty for the total system, while in most cases, conventional roofing installers will not guarantee the roof membrane if other parties do work on top of their system after installation. While green roof professionals in green roof-savvy places like Portland and Chicago have established relationships and experience with roofing installers that have allowed them to cross this hurdle, the current lack of green roof experience and expertise in Austin may lead many to use full proprietary systems. Research underway at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center should offer some insight into the application of various existing proprietary systems in Austin's climate.

Why strike out on your own instead, independently assembling or hybridizing parts for a green roof? Propriety systems come with high first costs, and are generally proven in cooler, more temperate. Many insist on using a particular soil matrix which may come from a totally different region of the country, adding cost and complication. Alternatively, an exciting realm of exploration and innovation might arise with pioneering efforts to use non-proprietary systems, allowsing for greater flexibility and individual customization of green roof components, as well as lower off-the-shelf costs, wider availability, and do-it-yourself gratification.

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